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To celebrate Opera’s Internet browsers 10 years of existence, Opera were giving away free program keys to remove ads from the program. I thought, why not, I might go get myself a key and take this program for a spin. I had tried Opera in the past, only to be turned off the browser by its ads, which hog the top part of the browser window – this was several years ago I might add – but without the ads, the browser is quite nice to use. Not only does it look good but it’s functional too. Admittedly, my browser of choice is still Firefox, but for those of you that have tried Firefox, and still don’t enjoy using it, I would suggest Opera as a great alternative, especially to Internet Explorer and all it’s vulnerabilities. While the free program key promotion has finished, the program is still free to download, and is supported by a small ad at the top of the browser. All in all, thumbs up to Opera.

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  1. Hello , yeah I don’t use Firefox because I can’t customise it like I can with IE.
    Any idea when the new IE will be available ?

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