Blogging from Word 2007

Now this is a very cool feature. I am really impressed with Office 2007 so far, apart from a few small bugs and freezes, the application has come a very long way since XP and 2003. I see it as a worth upgrade. Of course I have just written and published this post using Word 2007 – it’s really just feature packed and the new interface is amazing.

If you would like to download and trial Office 2007 Beta, head to the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta Preview site.

2 thoughts to “Blogging from Word 2007”

  1. Very nice, i’ll have to try that out sometime. I tried to get outlook but the download system was a bit strange and I think it failed. Ah well. Interesting to see Microsoft embracing blogging!

  2. I should probably add to this that there are a few bugs with the blogging feature. One of which is it doesn’t post the correct date. Everything seems to be given the default linux date of 1st Janurary 1970. You also don’t have the ability to choose which category the blog post goes too.

    One other feature that is missing is the ability to edit the HTML it creates. This is especially annoying when trying to put in objects, such as flash movies (well I guess even WP couldn’t do this) and I was required to go the the database backend and do this manually.

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